Wednesday 14 September 2011

Party Pictures

Well against my better judgement but as promised pictures of my 50th birthday party. I showed these to my Mum the other day (along with the other 305!) and she didn't recognise me!! I had a great time, and the pictures are lovely to look back on but there honestly isn't one of me that I like!!! No new profile pic here then.

The drinks were lined up for guests as they arrived, my cake was gorgeous, the bottom was chocolate sponge, the middle vanilla and the top was strawberry cake yum yum. Not one slice was left at the end of the night !
I had two show girls helping to hand around the canapes then the vodka and mojito jellies which were a big hit with the men (the girls not the jelly) actually the girls and the jellies! Of the 180 people there I think at least 179 had a hangover the next day - I was fine.......I had my hangover two days later LOL
 My eldest son Jordan, made a speech, I think my husband was too drunk to string a sentence together! At least I didn't have to say anything.
Here I am with all my family, you can see how far gone my husband is on this picture LOL There is a canvas behind us that all the guests signed and wrote messages (well most of them that could still write)
Me again with my friends Colin & Sally - note bottle of pink champagne & straw! You can also see how hot I was, the whole night was one long hot flush!!
With my best friend Janie (in red) and her son's girlfriend Sophie. I had a mouthful of chocolate cake at the time, it looks like I've had cheek implants!!

Below is my daughter Raegan and my eldest sons french girlfriend Agathe who is just gorgeous - I do keep mentioning that I'm desperate for a grandchild but he's not biting!!

Raegans twin brother Joel on the right with Rob and Emily who both work for us, my twins are my babies, you can see why I'm ready for grandchildren - they're a bit too big to take to the park now!!
It was so hot that night people kept drifting outside, the heat was probably coming off me!!
Just a few more.......keep awake! 
Some dancing and merriment, Lou and Toni 2 lovely friends.
Last 2, well done those that managed to stay with me till the end! Graham on the fist picture celebrated his 60th the night before, as you can see he is a bit of a party animal!

Well I think you can get the general idea of my birthday from those pictures. No more parties from me for a long time now, we've done  18th, 21st, 40th, 50th and silver weddings I think when Michael reaches 60 we'll just go out for a nice quiet meal!!

Love 'n Hugs Laurie xx


Sue B said...

Oh Wow Laurie! - What a great party! a fab way to celebrate the Big 50!!! I want one of those cakes for my 50th!!!!! and I must remember the trick with the chocolate cake in the cheeks next time I have my photo taken!!! you look fab!
Oh you made me laugh so much about taking your grown up kids to the park!!!
and don't get me started about Hot Flushes - I had one at friends house and my friend said that I was melting like a candle ROFL ….
Looks like a fab time was had by all anyway, thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!
Love n Hugs
Sue xxx

Cor* said...

OMG you cracked me up with the comment of your husband being the grumpy dwarf......LOL. Look at these pics.............seriously, crop a face shot and get rid of that profile pic girl, you are looking HAWT!! SSSiiizzzle baby!! Looks like a big hugemungous bash!! So fun. Wish i was there to celebrate with you!! If this is what 50 looks like (party wise & hotty tomoli wise) BRING IT ON!!!

cheryl said...

oh hun you are always sure to make me laugh,oh your hubby being the grumpy dwarf he he,that is what mine is like,but love the cake hun that is just brilliant,looks like you had an amazing time and you look gorgeous hun in that photo really amazing,love hugs cherylxx

Lisa Jane said...

oh lol... loved seeing all those pics ..they are just fabulous .. and you looks wonderful! YOu look so happy! and so sexy lol!
Great pics to look back on and fabulous memories .. Thanks for sharing
Lisa x

Crea Astrid said...

What a cute and funny pictures let us see. Find the cake very well done. Looks very appetizing. It looks like you had a great time you feel that day.

Hugs Astrid.

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW it looks like a brilliant party, you look so happy.
Thanks for sharing, Love Hxx

Crafty Loops said...

Auck Laurie, these photos are absolutely amazing. It looks like you all had a fantastic night. You looked stunning too, cant believe it was your 50th. I honestly would have said your 40th. Im so pleased you had a fantastic night and your cake looked beautiful too. Lee xxx

Berry said...

Wow Laurie sexy and sassy at 50 you looked amazing hun! This party looked a storm what fun! I love your cake and everyone looked great your family are just soooo gorgeous when the grandchildren arrive they will be stunners! Thanks for letting us look hugs Rebekah xx

Christine L said...

Hi Laurie... Wowwwwwwww you look like you had a fantastic party.... and you look radiant! (And I don't mean with hot flushes!) You look so happy - and I spot your Tiffany bracelet I think? Gorgeous! I did have to do a double take on the one with the champagne bottle - on first glance I didn't see the bottle and thought it was an odd place to have cut-outs in your dress!! LOL!
Big hugs and thanks for sharing your day....
Christine x

Claire said...

Fabulous pics hun, looks like you had a brilliant time. Hugs, Claire x

Pami said...

Wow, great photos Laurie! Really looks like you had a great time! I LOVE your cake, looks amazing!!! P x