Friday 7 October 2011

The First 100

Well folks summer is over with a bang by the looks of it out my window! Unfortunately I'm still not cold - bloody hot flushes will be the death of me!

Just a really quick post from me today as I'm driving to Leicester to visit my Mum again this morning, so if I'm not about its because my Mother has no Internet!!
I wanted to show you the first 100 wedding invitations that I made for my nephew's wedding, they were collected last week and are being sent out at the moment. I still have another 50 to finish but fortunately for me the bride to be has said she thinks she'll only need another 35 - phew!

For anybody out there who is thinking of making wedding invites - THINK AGAIN!!!!!

I changed them a little from the original one I made - hopefully for the better
I'm really pleased with how they turned out, very pretty and delicate
You wouldn't believe how much plain white paper and glue was used in the making of these LOL and thanks to Lisa and Pam for helping when they were here. Lisa cut out all the images and glittered them while Pam and I were colouring them.
I had a bit of a production line set up with making the boxes, my son, his girlfriend and my daughter all had a huge part in that while I was glueing on all the flowers and swirls.
This picture shows all 100 on my kitchen table and the box lids which were separate while the glue dried. The reply card and night before invite were just printed out in pink on white card and I rounded off the corners. I didn't think to take a picture of them but I will of the others when I've finished them.

I know he probably doesn't read this blog but just encase I want to wish my eldest son Jordan a very Happy Birthday - 24 today xx

Love 'n' Hugs Laurie xx

I'm entering these into the challenge at Bling It On - 'No Patterned Papers'


Chrissy said...

You are a star...a very patient star. I just couldn't do that many, so detailed, and gorgeous wedding invitations. Well done Laurie.


Berry said...

Wow Laurie what a feat! Where do you get your box template from out of curiosity?! If I were to do wedding invites they would be CAS can't believe you coloured that little couple in sooo many times, bet you won't ink them up for ages now lol! Hugs Rebekah xx

Marjorie said...

Wow!! hun These invites are just stunning, and to make sooooo many you are truly amazing!! I just love them, wish I was on the receiving end of one of these beauties!!

Hazel (Didos) said...

OMG Laurie thats a lot of cards, WOW they look stunning, Lisa was telling me about the distressing Distress ink issue thew other day, nightmare. Hope you get on ok going to Mums Love Hxx

Takaya said...

OMG! It's a lot of work! Invitation looks amazing! I LOVE IT

Sue B said...

Wow! The invites look GORGEOUS Laurie!!! you should be very proud! but it looks SO much work! and making all those boxes too !!! I bet you were dreaming about wedding invites !!! Not sure I could do it? but then must be nice feeling when you've finished them all!!! Well done!!!
Hope all ok with your mum
Take Care!
Love n Hugs Sue xx

Mary J said...

Happy bierthday Jordan!

WOW - what a fab card - well done on finshing them all!

Pamela said...

My goodness! What a lot of work, they are absolutely stunning.

Pam x

Lisa Jane said...

Wowzer... a job well done lol... i had fun and enjoyed being part of it lol
They look amazing all together
Happy Birthday Jordan.. Have fun!
Lisa x

brenda said...

Wow Laurie, they are really pretty bt with a real touch of elegance.

I am also mid what througd a wedding order, confess it's not my favorite passtime, I find it a bit monotonous.

B x

Mrs.B said...

Gorgeous invites Laurie, and what an achievement to have made 100 and boxes! (hope its only another 35 for you).
Just been catching up and you have made some gorgeous creations this last week.
Thanks for your kind comments - Dr. & physio say its disks in my neck causing the problem - caused by 'trauma or age' - obviously its trauma!!
Avril xx

Kerry said...

Please tell me I don't have to make invitations as elaborate for Nicole's wedding Laurie!!! OMG...the work you and your helper's have put in is phenomenal. They are gorgeous and your nephew and his fiance must be over the moon. I'm definitely NOT showing these to Nicole lol xx ps Happy birthday Jordan :-D

Claire said...

OMG Laurie and I moaned about making my Sister's wedding stationery and that was a really simple design! These are absolutely stunning and SO detailed, you really must have the patience of a saint to do 150 invites!!!! I have my own stationery to make, but I can assure you it will remain very simple as this will be my third lot and I can sincerely say NEVER AGAIN LOL. Have a fabby weekend. Hugs, Claire x

Julie said...

Goodness Laurie,must have taken you forever,do you sleep??? and you still found time to send me a little gift! Thank you sooo very much,I haven't got the leaf punch either,DH loved the snowflakes,think he might need to treat me :)
Have a great weekend,if I can ever return the kindness,give me a shout,just keep an eye out for any die cuts you fancy on

Brenda Brown said...

Wow Laurie, these are just amazing, so beautiful. Such alot of hard work but what a wonderful invite to receive.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Crafty Loops said...

Oh my goodness, such an amount of work Laurie. Theyre stunning. Lee x

Christine L said...

OMG Laurie!!! Absolutely amazing! But were you bloomin mad taking on that task??? Am sure they'll be very much appreciated tho!
Christine x

Pami said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Laurie you have put so much hard work into these invitations, they look absolutely amazing and I hope that every recipient appreciates it! I still think you are mad though!! But you have done a fantastic job. Pami x

cheryl said...

OMG hun these are just stunning gosh the detail on these are first class oh hun good for you for getting all these done hun,the recipients,will be over the moon with these hun,fantastic work.
Know what you mean about the flushes hun,they are driving me to dispear too hugs cherylxxx

Nicola said...

OMG Laurie, so much work, these must have taken you forever. Full credit to you for making such gorgeous invites, there is an incredible amount of detail, and with boxes too!!!
Love Nicola xxx

Unknown said...

Wow stunning work and lots of work!!!!!! Spectacular!!!!! way to go!!!!

Unknown said...

Awww, Laurie - this project took my breath away! I am nearly speechless at the intricacy and diligence to detail - just EVERYTHING is over-the-top gorgeous... GORGEOUS, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!!!! (now i can breathe again ;) (((hugs)))~ wendy

Paper Hearts Handmade Cards said...

Oh my word that looks like a huge job and they are so lovely and detailed too, I did my nephews last year and he had a wallet style with 4 inserts and they took FOREVER, also did place cards, menus and table names , they were nice enough just not very pretty as it was a civil partnership, yours are very pretty so well done you K xx

Patsi said...

stunning! what a task to do that many such detailed invites. Thanks for joining us at Bling It On xx

Barbara said...

I've just found your blog and I LOVE it. These invites are amazing, you must have a heart of gold. I made the stationery for my son's wedding on 18th Dec 2011 and it was certainly a labour of love. If you have time, check it out on Thanks for all your inspiration, I'll check back often x

Evgeniya Tipikina said...

Very beautiful card! Nice to meet you! Welcome to my blog-home :)