Friday, 1 August 2014

Surprise!! I'm Still Here

LOL I bet some of you thought you might never see me again (I did wonder myself to be honest) The summer season is taking its toll on me again, along with life which I think is out to get me sometimes, I haven't had a chance to make or blog anything, but a new release at

lured me back into action! Absolutely everything that could go wrong did, including my not used for so long glue gel going all runny and showing through the image right on the face! I was up until the early hours colouring another image then this morning the camera battery was dead. I think someone is trying to tell me something!!
Anyway long overdue but finally here is my creation for the fabulous Zodiac release 
 I got Virgo which is quite fitting cos that's what I am (well according to some I am and others I'm a Leo as I'm on the change over day)
I decided to make an Origami gift box, I'm sorry I can't remember where the instructions came from, only that I googled it and found it. Made from 2 12x12 scrapbook papers and the lid is all furry and very tactile!
The bow is using the amazing ribbon from Stampin' Up! which is just awesome, I have several colours and I wish I'd bought them all.

Head over to 
to see all the new release and what the talented team have done with them, there are prizes to be won and all sorts of fun.

Right that's it from me, I'm not going to promise I'll be back soon as this glorious weather is keeping us busy at the seaside and I can't keep up with life in general but I do hope to keep making the odd appearance!!

Love 'n' Hugs and enjoy your summer
Laurie xx


Christa said...

Your card is beautiful !
Love that Virgo-stamp and you have coloured her so pretty.
Congrats on the new release.
Hug , Christa.

DJ said...

Lovely work. Glad you are back

Jane ayres said...

little miss virgo is stunning .. i love your choice of colours x hugs jane x

Ode to Paper said...

Love the black and white colour scheme! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Moni said...

So delicate and perfect. Love your project.

Janet *Craftica* said...

OMG its gorgeous!

Heidi Brawley said...

Your creation is very Beautiful! I am jealous you get to hang Seaside. Have a blast for me!!!!

karen said...

Beautiful project Laurie, love the black and white colour combo, Karenx

Laila B. said...

Gorgeous creation, love the white/black combination. Congrats!!!

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ahh Laurie its fab to see you here again, was missing your lush creations, Hope the summer is going ok for you, Big Hugs Hazel xx

Unknown said...

que linda combinación de colores... un trabajo excelente, gracias por compartirlo!!! ;-))))

Sharon said...

Wey hey, the wanderer returns. Good to see you Laurie. I know life gets in the way often and blogging just has to take a back seat.
Your card is gorgeous. I love the image and the papers and the bow are fabulous.
Have a lovely weekend.
Hugs Sharon. x

Janice said...

Think I will have to go for a lie down, the shock of seeing a post from you has made me all wobbly! As always, your creations are worth waiting for, another super PN project. Love this origami box and that sweet image. What's inside??? Jx

Sue B said...

Hello Lovely Laurie… what a nice surprise to see a new post from you!! have been missing you in Blogland, although I've not been around much myself either!!
Wow! I'm so glad that you persevered with your box… it's SO beautiful… had to zoom in for a good look…. such an adorable image and I love the gorgeous paper and flowers… and the lush bow is divine!! :-))
Hope everything starts to pick up and go right for you soon!!
Take Care my friend
Love and hugs
Sue xx

Kathleen said...

Gorgeous creation Laurie, love the black and white and the lovely image and the flowers and ribbon are stunning.
Just back from my holidays and have not got back into the swing of commenting yet but saw your post and just had to comment.
I think you are a Virgo
and the above description is very much you..
Hang on in there.

Kath x

Myr said...

Que linda te quedó!! Muchas feliicidades!!!

Boutique Country said...

Muy lindo trabajo, me encantaron los colores...


Unknown said...

Bello proyecto con esos colores se ve hermoso y muy elegante. Lindas flores te felicito.

Lidia R. said...

wowwwwwww GORJEOUS!!

Kat Flores said...

OMG! Love black and white! Really beautiful!!!

Christine L said...

What a gorgeous B & W creation hon.... good to see you back with style!

I've just left the PND DT, but lovely to see you there!

Hope all is well.. I know you'll be busy!

Christine x

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, love the black and white, very striking, Fabulous collection
Hugs Julie P

Jean Bullock said...

How clever and creative. Love the box card and the color scheme you chose.

Dawn said...

Hi stranger lol. Dont worry I've not been around either. Back from hols now & ready to craft.Your box is beautiful even if it took you half the night lol. Great work hon x

Diane said...

Fabulous design, paper and image.

Hugs diane

Marjorie said...

Nice to hear from you Laurie, your box is just stunning, I love the black and white.. Your life sounds a bit like what ours has been... things have to get better!!!
Big hugs,
Marjorie xx

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Beautiful project!

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